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What is it?
For the past ten years a team of visionary and passionate individuals have contributed to the founding of A World of Wellness™. Our Work-Life business model provides a fertile environment for those seeking to reclaim their destiny and direct their own future.Confucius quote

The founding team members believed that there had to be a better way to integrate and balance their personal and professional lives. They were no longer willing to make compromises that would diminish the quality of their lives.

Their efforts have resulted in creating a proven business plan and step-by-step training based on leadership development and optimal well-being. Working in cooperative teams, they have achieved their goals and now provide a path for others to follow.

Imagine... Creating the life you dream of...

  • Integrating your personal and professional lives
  • Working from home to create additional income
  • Being your own boss - owning your own life
  • No longer compromising your values
  • Focusing your time on the things that matter most
  • Working on cooperative teams of like-minded individuals
  • Applying your previous experience and education in a project that has real meaning to you
  • Building lifelong friendships with your business partners
  • Benefiting from the support, coaching and mentoring of a proven leadership model
  • Having a roadmap to provide direction for your lifelong journey of health and self-improvement
  • Making time to take care of yourself
  • Helping others realize their full potential
  • Looking forward to the future and the enjoyment of your retirement
  • Discovering purpose, happiness and meaning in your life
  • Finding real joy and contentment


Our model for Work-Life Balance

In order to achieve the balance that we are seeking in our lives, we must evaluate and redesign our current lifestyle. The goal of A World of Wellness™ is to focus on four aspects of our lives in order to realize our full potential: Work, Live, Learn, and Give.


Our model represents a paradigm shift from the traditional workplace. Many of us have compromised our hopes and dreams with a job that is not fulfilling.Gandhi quote

  • We have been willing to give the greatest amount of time to the things that matter the least in our lives.
  • Our work days are long and we sacrifice our health and fitness to be good employees.
  • Deadlines and demands prevent us from living the original dream of our profession and the vision that attracted us to our current careers.
  • Our commute to work and the related expenses of our jobs diminish our precious personal time and net income.
  • We lack control over the choice of co-workers and find ourselves challenged and stressed by these relationships.

The reality of life is that we need to create an income to provide for ourselves and our families. Our goal is to create a new cooperative work model that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

We believed there had to be a better way to solve our dilemma and found the solution in our alliance with USANA Health Sciences. Our partnership with USANA as independent associates allows us to resolve challenges in two of our four quadrants of focus - Work and Live. Our work lets us transition from being employees to being entrepreneurs. USANA is a source of health and wellness information that encourages us to live healthier lives.

Why Entrepreneurship?

We value our professional success, but certainly not at the expense of our family, our relationships or our health. For some of us, 'firing the boss' Muriel Strode quotewas the best way to reclaim our lives. With focus, direction and support within our network, we can help you to enjoy:

  • Independence
  • Flourishing creativity
  • More control over schedule/vacations
  • Added personal satisfaction
  • Potential for significant financial reward
  • Personal growth and achievement


Why Network Marketing?

Network Marketing has evolved considerably over the past 10-20 years. Recognizing the power of 'word of mouth' advertising, it has become an internationally effective marketing tool. Successful business authors and best sellers now promote Network Marketing as one of the best avenues to achieve wealth in an ethical and personally satisfying manner. Many advocates of Network Marketing who have come Oliver Wendell Holmes quotefrom the corporate world are attracted to the refreshing cooperative mentality that exists within A World of Wellness. Other benefits include:

  • Fostering a spirit of cooperation
  • Offering tremendous intrinsic value
  • Utilizing the natural human tendency of wanting to share a good experience with others
  • Providing an extremely effective marketing model
  • Eliminating the expense of the 'middleman'
  • Allowing you to help your new associates succeed, as you both benefit financially
  • Developing and sustaining a nurturing system of mentoring and learning
  • Creating substantial income potential
  • Establishing leveraged income
  • Giving you the ability to enjoy a successful business while working from home



Harmony of work and life is attainable. Ten years ago, the founders of A World of Wellness (see About Us) recognized the need for balance of work,Douglas Everett health, education and service and were motivated to find a business which was not only solidly profitable, but also consistent with the concepts A World of Wellness values. USANA Health Sciences is the perfect company to fit this need.

Several economic forecasters have predicted that with the aging baby boomers, the health and wellness industry will be the next 'trillion dollar industry'. The market niche is ready and the time is now. Armed with top quality nutritional and personal care products accompanied by a proven successful business model, USANA Health Sciences is a perfect avenue for success. Recent annual USANA highlights include:


  • USANA ranked #16 Best Small Company by Forbes Magazine. (2004)
  • USANA ranked #3 Hot Growth Company in 2005 by Business Week based on 'sales growth, earning growth, and return on invested capital' over a three year period.
  • USANA launches its new, revolutionary SenséTM skin care line with patent-pending, self-preserving formulas. (2004)
  • USANA named to S&P Small Cap 600. (2005)
  • The USANA ® Essentials continue to top the list as the #1 nutritional supplement in the third edition of Lyle MacWilliams's Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, which compares 500 products in North America. (2004)
  • USANA launches its 12th market, Mexico, with multiple products registered as Pharmaceutical Drugs. (2004)
  • USANA surpasses half a billion dollars in commissions paid to Associates. (2004)
  • USANA receives national recognition from Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNNfn, and Investor's Business Daily. (2004)
  • USANA named #1 Distributor's Choice by a landslide for the seventh year running by Network Marketing Today/The MLM Insider Magazine (2004).
  • The USANA family donates more than three-quarters of a million dollars to Children's Hunger Fund (CHF). (2004)


While striving to achieve balance in our lives, we emphasize wellness education and making healthy choices. Part of our team's approach to business includes being healthy role models of total wellness. This is accomplished by emphasizing the following areas:

  • Committing to a healthy lifestyle
  • Practicing time and stress management
  • Incorporating whole food nutrition
  • Integrating nutritional supplementation
  • Making positive lifestyle changes
  • Exercising regularly


Regardless of your formal education or personal background, we understand that continuing education is integral to any successful business. Leaders are readers. Lasting balance can be achieved through ongoing education including:

  • Acquiring leadership skills
  • Striving towards personal growth
  • Participating and cooperating in teams
  • Broadening horizons
  • Considering other perspectivesWinston Churchill quote
  • Committing to reading for both business and pleasure


A well-balanced life includes an awareness and concern for the well-being and needs of individuals beyond our own perspective. Our business model became complete when we added this component. We wanted to demonstrate our sincere commitment to the greater good instead of focusing on our own rewards.

We give back in the following ways:

  • Providing service
  • Offering our time
  • Building and sustaining relationships
  • Living as positive role models
  • Generously rewarding those who excel
  • Contributing to charities
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