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Mentoring Model
Chinese ProverbA World of Wellness™ would not be successful without our mentors and our mentoring model. This training component not only teaches leadership but also sharpens other essential business skills. Regardless of tenure, all members of the team follow our step-by-step process of training that helps accomplish leadership development, personal growth, and business success. We believe that utilizing a system of training is indispensable in coordinating business growth and team dynamics. Members typically find the training not only financially beneficial, but also personally rewarding.

Our mentoring model focuses on four quadrants in order to achieve lasting success: Business, Health, Education and Service (Work, Live, Learn, and Give). We believe in maintaining balance between these four quadrants. Our training system, as well as the tools provided by USANA, helps all members keep on track with their unique challenges of balancing these important facets of our lives.

The training is highly organized. Within the structure, each member knows exactly what the next step is and what actions are expected for that particular level. There is a recommended ongoing educational program. The training acts like a road map - serving to outline the path, as well as a way to assess one's progress objectively. Each member personalizes the training, with the guidance of a coach and mentor. There is extensive personal coaching, as well as coaching of members to foster a team identity.Gandhi quote

Without this strong mentorship, many small business start-ups fail each year. We utilize the wisdom, experience and encouragement of those who have gone before us. We recognize there is power in unifying forces. We promote a true sense of team and fellowship, thus increasing the likelihood of success of each individual member.

To learn more about our mentoring model training, see http://www.OSATTraining.com.


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