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Basic Concept

We developed A World of Wellness™ to provide a cooperative team model for entrepreneurs in transition from traditional careers. (see About Us)

Most individuals have limited time, finances and experience, so our training provides step-by-step directions and personal coaching. By developing skills and making lifestyle changes in four areas of our lives, we create balanced lives and gain both personal and financial success. These four areas are represented below:

Our Model for Work-Life Balance


Additionally, there are five stages of engagement in which all members of A World of Wellness participate:

1. Investigate

In order to understand our team and the USANA opportunity, it's important that you know who we are and what we do. To be sure you see all the information we have to share with you, please review the following:

What Is It?

Mentoring Model


About Us

Now that you know more about us, we encourage you to take the essential step to contrast our team with other options available to you: a second job, going back to school, buying a franchise, starting your own traditional business, financial investments, career change, etc.

Everyone is different. Each person has unique choices to make. In exploring these choices, consider the value of the journey as well as the end result.

2. Qualify

We believe we are successful because we carefully qualify individuals, we create teams, Anonymous quotewe train our leaders, and we teach them to train others.

Understanding this commitment, we have established some guidelines which both help you understand whether joining USANA as part of our team is right for you, as well as help us understand whether you are right for us. We value our time and therefore have qualifying guidelines to determine how we choose our teammates. We make a commitment to those who join our team and we respect that this model is not right for everyone. Please review Are We A Match? to evaluate your readiness.

3. Commit

Becoming an independent USANA associate and team member of A World of Wellness requires a commitment on several fronts. Without your commitment to each, your success is limited.

Time We ask members of the team to commit a minimum of 8-10 hours a week to business activities. A typical week includes teleconferencing with your team, reading, getting one-on-one training, and sharing this vision with others. Additional time will be spent developing the four quadrants of: Work, Live, Learn and Give.

Financial To realize true balance in our lives we need to have financial security. The Work quadrant of our work-life balance model represents our affiliation with USANA Health Sciences as independent associates. In USANA, we found a business model that not only maximizes the talents, education and interests of our leaders, but also is well-aligned with our mission. USANA's model is duplicable, cost-effective and has a successful track record. Why Network Marketing. Why USANA.

Health Our individual health is often neglected in today's hectic world. As A World of Wellness team member, we consider our own health as paramount, as we strive for vitality and fitness. Additionally, USANA's corporate vision of promoting optimal health and wellness reinforces our vision of achieving balance in work and life. Members of the team are strongly encouraged to commit to better nutrition, vitamin supplementation, regular exercise and effective stress-management. Part of the team support includes personal guidance and accountability in these areas.

4. Start the Business

Once you've made the commitment to become an independent USANA associate and a member of the team, there are several aspects of the business to consider:

Team - We are committed not only to our individual success but, also to the success Ken Blanchard quoteof each member of our team. By combining our resources, experiences and skills we increase our potential for success. Teams are usually created by geography or area of interest. For example, Michele, a nurse administrator in Mississippi, has created a team of medical professionals in the Southeast US. Another example is Julie, a computer graphic artist, who has built a team of business professionals from varying backgrounds all in the San Diego area. Like all our leaders, both Michele and Julie host weekly teleconferences, offer one-on-one training, attend regional events and promote our online training model - all for their teams.

Training - In addition to the training provided by USANA, A World of Wellness has training that can be personalized and individualized. During your weekly time commitment you will be supported by your Coach, Mentor and Leader. Personal and team training will be provided and your weekly goals will be determined by the level of leadership that you are achieving in our One Step at a Time Training. You will be accountable for goal setting and participating in weekly training activities. These goals and activities are focused on the four quadrants. This balanced training encourages health in all aspects: in the body, in our business and in our personal lives.Anonymous quote

See our Mentoring Model

Growth - Our business commitment is to expand our network of leaders and participate in the sale and distribution of products. The goal of each leader on our team is to duplicate our model by finding a minimum of two leaders and five customers of any USANA products. This growth is often accomplished via word-of-mouth communications within each individual's sphere of influence - friends, co-workers, family and other acquaintances. As your new leaders find their new leaders and customers, your business has the potential for substantial growth.

5. Build the Business

Key components to USANA's business model are education, sales, growth and expansion. As team members develop their independent USANA business, they are maturing as leaders. They take on new responsibilities with each new level of leadership development. We feel that in order to be successful entrepreneurs, our team members must embody strong leadership characteristics which they gain through our training.Albert Schweitzer quote

All of our knowledge is of no value without passing it on to others. Our model has been designed to facilitate simple duplication. Our team's online training provides step-by-step instruction. The leadership skills expand as the training passes from each leader to the next.

We have found that individuals who are attracted to building an independent USANA business as a member of A World of Wellness are concerned not only for themselves but also have a genuine concern for the success of others. As individuals complete each step of the leadership training, they take on a responsibility to lead and mentor new members on the team.

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